Carnival raises rates for internet packages and gratuities

Carnival Cruise Line is increasing internet rates and gratuities in the new year.  

Beginning with embarkations on Jan. 16, Carnival’s Premium Wifi package will cost $18.70 per day, up from $17. Premium is Carnival’s fastest service with speeds up to three times faster than its next plan. It enables users to do video calls and stream content.

Carnival will charge $17 per day, up from $14.45, for its Value package. Carnival’s Social package will cost $12.75 per day, up from $10.20. It includes only social media sites and popular airline websites. 

Guests who prepaid for their internet package or are sailing before Jan. 16 will lock in the lower rates. 

Gratuities for suites will increase on April 1. Carnival will charge each guest $18 per day, up from $16.60. For standard staterooms, daily gratuities will increase to $16 per person, up from $14.50 per person. Like the internet packages, guests can lock in current rates by prepaying their gratuities before April 1. 

This is the second time in less than a year that Carnival has increased gratuities. The last increase was on May 1, 2022, when the line boosted daily rates by 51 cents. Royal Caribbean followed with its gratuity increase last September.

Norwegian Cruise Line also boosted daily gratuities this year. NCL increased gratuities to $25 per day, up $5, for Haven and suite guests; $20 per day for club balcony suites, up $2; and $20 for other suite guests, up $4. The increase affected all bookings made on or after Jan. 1. Guests who booked before Jan. 1 can lock in the lower rates if they prepay before their sail date.

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