Cruise expert shares how to save money

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Yasmin Pekel, owner of Blue Cruise, shared her top tips to save money on a cruise holiday. There’s one easy way for British tourists to save on their holiday budget.

Yasmin said: “Have an adventure. Buying shore excursions from the ship might seem like a convenient way to travel.

“However, it can often be more expensive than booking the trips yourself.”

A cruise ship will normally offer guests a full range of excursions to book when they visit a port.

From snorkelling to city tours, guests can pay the cruise company to organise activities for them.

However, it could be far more expensive to book excursions using the cruise company’s service.

Yasmin advised: “By venturing into the city in question and trying to find a local travel agent, or by Googling the areas during your research, you are likely to find tours and other adventures that suit your needs more directly, and for a cheaper price.

“The options offered by the cruises are often designed to cater to a majority of people, including all ages, and may not visit some of the more special sites or adventurous locations as a result.”

If guests want to try out a niche activity while on their cruise, they may be better off booking it themselves.

Cruise companies may cancel excursions if there aren’t enough sign-ups which could be a disappointment to guests.

Passengers could book their own excursions before they travel by using Google to find verified tour agents.

It’s a good idea to read the reviews before booking a tour, to make sure it’s from a reputable company.

Yasmin said the “one golden rule” for cruise passengers is to make sure they’re on time for the ship’s departure.

A cruise ship may wait for passengers if they are on a cruise line excursion that is delayed or late.

However, if passengers have booked with another company, the cruise ship is unlikely to wait for them.

If they miss the ship, passengers will have to fly to the next destination on the itinerary to catch up.

This will be at their own expense and could be very pricey at the last minute, not to mention stressful.

Yasmin said: “This is the golden rule for any cruise, be on time for departure. The cruise will not delay setting off if you are late, nor will they refund you, so being on time is imperative.”

A reputable tour company will usually pick passengers up at the port and ensure they are back on time.

If guests don’t want to join a tour or excursion, they could make their own way to the city from the port.

Passengers should keep in mind that ports can sometimes be a long way from the city and they may need to take a train or a bus to reach the centre.

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