Cruise guests moan about ‘trashy’ fellow passengers – ’embarrassing to witness’

Jane McDonald takes an American cruise around Alaska

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One Reddit user shared their negative cruise experience which they said was caused by their fellow passengers. They said some guests took the holiday as an “opportunity to act like d*.”

They said: “There was a burger bar onboard staffed by three or four people. (One man) threw a hissy fit because his burger wasn’t being cooked fast enough.

“I watched the man throw his pager into the kitchen and shout at the staff about how cooking burgers is the easiest thing in the world and that they were useless and he was going to make sure they got fired.

“There are three or four people cooking like a hundred meals per hour. I mean is that not good enough for you?

“Do you have to threaten to get the poor guy fired because you couldn’t scarf down your cheeseburger fast enough?”

The passenger said they had also had another negative experience at one of the ship’s buffets.

They said: “In the buffet, one passenger got angry that the gravy for the mashed potatoes wasn’t ready.

“It turns out they were in the process of grabbing a replacement gravy tray since the previous one had been depleted.

“The poor girl who was serving apologised so profusely that it made me feel bad. But no, there was a huge scene about the gravy.”

The irate guest said: “I get that you wanted to be treated like kings and queens, but it shouldn’t give you an excuse to act like tyrants. Frankly, it was embarrassing to witness.”

However another Reddit user said: “Unfortunately it’s common on pretty much every major cruise line.

“Whether it’s a lower end brand or a higher end brand of upper class entitled, you’ll see it. Humans can be horrible.”

Another said: “Unfortunately as much as I love cruising, it definitely attracts some of the trashiest people I’ve ever seen as well.

“One time we were in port and the waterslide was closed due to high winds. These three ladies that had to be in their 50s were so drunk that they were filling up their beer buckets with water, walking up the steps to the slide, and trying to use the water in their buckets to slide down.

“I felt so bad for the little security guy who they just blatantly ignored as he tried to tell them not to.

“It’s sometimes like these people have never got out before and when they hit that ship they just devolve and go nuts.”

Another cruise holidaymaker said: “Cruising brings out the worst in some people. They think that since everything is prepaid, they are supposed to be treated like gods.

“I’ve found that if you avoid the buffet, you avoid seeing a lot of the nasty people and rude people.

“All the bad cruising experiences I’ve had with other people have come at the buffet. If you can, just use the actual dining room.”

However, another cruise guest said: “I must be oblivious because I didn’t notice anyone being rude on my most recent cruise.

“Is this really a common thing?”

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