Cruise Planners: Omicron is down, sales are up

Sales are trending upward as the omicron variant of Covid-19 subsides, Cruise Planners said.

The travel agency franchisor said Friday it has seen “two consecutive weeks of positive sales purchases, inching closer to a delayed Wave season as consumer sentiment appears to be improving and people are starting to accept the reality of living with the virus.”

In the past few weeks, 24% of all purchases were for cruises in Europe or Alaska, Cruise Planners said. Luxury bookings also have risen, with January luxury sales occurring at a 24% higher volume than average.

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Cruise Planners said purchases for the second half of 2022 remain strong, and that time period is outpacing 2019 departures by 37%.

One-quarter of bookings have been for 2023 departures, Cruise Planners said.

“People are ready to travel, and they don’t want to wait,” Cruise Planners founder and CEO Michelle Fee said. “The protocols are in place, and the cruising industry has been exemplary in the way they have handled the ongoing pandemic and I think our clients have peace of mind knowing that cruise lines are upholding the highest standards of safety to handle any situation that may arise.”

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