Denella Ri'chard's travel show is airing a Black history special

Television show “Traveling with Denella Ri’chard” will produce a one-hour Black history special that focuses on destinations in the Caribbean and the U.S. with “unforgettable moments” in Black history in their visitor experiences. 

In a promotional video for the special, host Denella Ri’chard promises to showcase destinations that have preserved notable moments in Black history. Teasing shots of Fort Lauderdale, Jamaica, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Miami, she said, “Discover some remarkable stories of resilience, determination and achievement that have inspired generations.”

In a statement, Ri’chard added that she was excited to present a special that would inspire travelers “to call your travel advisor and book a trip to these amazing destinations.”

The special will air in nearly 50 markets on ABC, CBS, NBC, CW or MNT stations during February and early March. Examples include the CW affiliate in Miami and ABC in Tampa on Feb. 12 and the NBC affiliate in Seattle on Feb. 25.

Ri’chard, a former sales director for Holland America Line and Norwegian Cruise Line, has hosted “Traveling with Denella Ri’chard” since 2020; viewers can catch it on Tubi or GoTraveler streaming services or in national syndication on select stations. 

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