‘Interesting characters’ Passengers share what it’s like to go on a themed cruise

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Themed cruises come with a lot of variety. From nudist cruises to rock voyages, there’s a lot of choice out there for guests who want something a little different.

On Reddit, cruise guests have shared their experiences of themed cruises around the world.

One passenger said: “My wife and I went on the Star Trek cruise. It was good, basically a combination cruise and Star Trek convention.

“By the end of the cruise, I was sick of the other Trekkies (Star Trek fans). I wouldn’t go on another Star Trek cruise.”

The passenger said their Trekkie adventure turned into the “worst” experience when other fans started being rude to the staff.

One passenger said that they regularly went on swinging cruises to meet other couples and nude cruises.

However, another guest joked: “I would hope for very thorough cleanings after a nude cruise.”

One guest had had an unusual experience where they joined a themed cruise by accident.

They said: “I accidentally went on a quilting cruise to Alaska. 10 out of 10. Everyone was busy quilting except me.”

Another holidaymaker said they had been on two themed cruises but weren’t part of the themed package.

They said: “In both cases parts of the ship were closed off for the participants, and that meant that you could not use particular venues as normal.

“While the themed cruises were aimable, it was a tad inconvenient to not be able to go to the theatre of some of the drinking venues because of the concerts or events.”

However, they added: “I have heard that some fully themed cruises are quite fun, as everything is open to everyone.”

One crew member said that they used to DJ on cruise ships and had had a mixed experience with themed cruise passengers.

They said that some guests were “awesome” but that others created a very bad atmosphere onboard.

They said: “Lots of people got banned in the casino for being volatile and the crew hated them.”

British tourists should probably only join a themed cruise if they’re passionate about the theme.

One guest said they had been on a rock themed cruise and had a “hilarious” experience to share.

They said: “It’s pretty hilarious watching a ship spill out 2,000 metal fans in black on a tiny Caribbean island between the regular crowd of the second docked ship.”

Other options for themed cruises include 70s voyages, Star Wars cruises and Disney themed cruises.

The ship will normally offer its usual range of activities as well as some special experiences for the theme guests.

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