‘Target for thieves’: Cruise passengers share the items guests should leave at home

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Cruise holidays can offer guests a chance to get dressed up. But some passengers recommend that guests don’t bring any jewellery.

Reddit user ‘Small_Marzipan4162’ said: “I’ve heard not to bring jewellery on a cruise or to at least not wear it at a port.

“Just wondering if anyone has any feelings about this. First time cruiser here.”

As cruise ships regularly stop at the same ports, passengers could be a target for serial thieves.

One cruise guest said: “It’s always best not to bring anything you would be devastated to lose.

“I bring fun jewellery to wear during dinner but I don’t wear much of anything during port days.”

Another said: “I bring costume jewellery. If you are worried about wedding rings or something of value getting lost while at port or even on the ship there is typically a safe in each cabin.”

Guests could consider leaving particularly valuable items in their cabin safe to avoid any mishaps.

However, one guest thought it was best to leave wedding rings at home. They said: “My husband and I have backup wedding rings that we’re taking with us on our cruise this weekend.

“But mostly because we’d be so upset to lose our everyday bands. My engagement ring is staying at home too.”

Others gave their advice for avoiding attracting unnecessary attention while stopping at ports.

One said: “Be smart and aware of your surroundings. Don’t flash like a baller and you’ll be fine.

“Take off your lanyard or other items that identify you as a cruise ship passenger to minimise you as a target.

“Make sure you do not pack your jewellery in your luggage. Many stories of jewellery that goes walkabout before you get your luggage to your room.”

Another said: “In port, I would be wary of wearing a fancy watch, gold chains, rings or flaunting wads of cash when wandering around the ports of most countries.

“You just become a target for thieves and muggers. I always cringe at the loud and obvious tourist with a Rolex watch, flashing around a large wad of cash.

“In port, dress down. Carry minimal cash and don’t call attention to yourself. Take a cheap camera with you and avoid having your camera out all the time.”

While the cruise cabin is likely to be a safe place to leave valuables, some guests thought it wasn’t worth the risk.

One said: “They have minimal secure storage in your cabin. Typical cabins have a safe but they protect you from the casual thief.

“Never leave items out and visible in your cabin, always put things away. There will be times during the day when your cabin door is open, while the attendant is cleaning the cabin and someone could quickly enter and remove items.”

Another said: “I typically make beaded jewellery for my cruises. I make sure I keep the precious metals and stones toned down on a cruise.”

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