Working on the world’s most luxurious superyachts – ‘Dry the shower’ every time it’s used

World's 5 Most Beautiful Superyachts

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Channel 5 went behind the scenes on one of the world’s most luxurious superyachts to find out more about the lifestyle. From helipads to swimming pools and private submarines, there are no limits to luxury at sea.

Billionaire telecoms tycoon, Bassim Haidar, welcomed Channel 5 on his incredible luxury superyacht.

‘Bash’ is a 56m yacht with room for 12 guests, a jacuzzi, a lift and even its own beauty salon.

Bassim was travelling with his wife Dee, and three of their daughters who were well accustomed to the luxury lifestyle.

One said: “It’s an amazing concept to be on the water all the time.”

The girls showed off their “toys” on the yacht, including five jet skis and a huge water slide stretching from the top deck.

They said: “We have all of our toys stored here. Whenever we’re out in the bay, all the jet skis are out and ready for us to go on them.”

Bassim had spent a whopping one million pounds buying the yacht’s incredible store of water sports items.

He said: “I’ve got two yachts and two boats. I’ve got another yacht that I use when I just want to go out for the day.

“This one is a bit different. The quality of this yacht is just incredible, it took about three and a half years to build this yacht.

“Everything just works brilliantly. From the marble floors, to the woodwork to the technology onboard.”

His superyacht costs around £3million a year to run and he’d spent a further £1million redesigning it to suit his tastes.

Maintaining a luxury yacht lifestyle isn’t easy and Bassim employed 13 staff to keep things running smoothly onboard.

Hannah worked as a stewardess onboard and showed viewers her daily routine including spraying beds to keep them smooth.

She said: “Every time they shower, we dry the shower, to make them perfect as if they’ve never been used.”

While the owners might sleep at night, a member of the crew is always on duty to respond to any requests.

Hannah said if a guest left their room at night, a crew member would quickly smooth down their bed for them.

According to one superyacht expert, a yacht in the South of France can be rented for £3,000 a day.

People could then choose to have a party on the yacht and enjoy everything it has to offer for one day.

One luxury PR consultant said that superyachts are a “floating palace” for the lucky billionaire owners.

She added some owners even play golf out at sea using biodegradable golf balls and floating targets.

World’s Most Luxurious Yacht is available to watch on My5.

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