Digging the local roots at Acre 'treehouse' hotel in Los Cabos

Chances are if travelers are coming to Los Cabos, they’re thinking about the beach. Who can blame them? The beaches of Los Cabos are among the most beautiful in Mexico. But if your clients tear themselves away from the beach and forge into the desert, they will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in all of Mexico.

I’m talking about Acre, a farm-to-table restaurant (at first) that has expanded to become a chic, ecofriendly (and incredibly photogenic) “treehouse” hotel in the just outside of San Jose del Cabo.

The restaurant opened in 2015 on 25 acres, serving up global cuisine rooted in the ingredients from both the on-site farm and the local farms of San Jose del Cabo. But beyond the sustainable menu, the concept of sustainability and a local focus has translated to the stunning hotel: wood, furniture, accessories, decor, lighting and more, all sourced from Baja and other parts of Mexico. 

The hotel unfolds like a tropical oasis. Surrounded by dusty dirt roads and rolling hills, the space for the hotel crops up out of the clay-colored earth with a splash of green. Slate-colored paths weave through thick palm groves and lead to the chic treehouse nests, restaurant and pool area. This is one of the only places in Cabo where palm groves grow naturally. It really is a tropical oasis in the heart of the desert.

The highlight here is sleeping atop the palm canopy. Acre has 12 treehouses, including one deluxe double unit that is connected by a hanging bridge. Each treehouse has a small terrace, bathrooms, closet and, the best part, a romantic outdoor shower. We stayed in Treehouse 8, which is a short walk from both reception and the restaurant/pool area. 

The treehouses do not have air-conditioning. However, this should not be an issue. The bungalows were built for maximum airflow, and a powerful overhead fan keeps everything incredibly fresh. We checked in during one of the hottest weeks in Los Cabos and slept coolly and comfortably each night. The fan also helps to keep the mosquitos away, which is a big plus, though the hotel provides bug spray in each room just in case. Rooms are also equipped with two lightweight, locally made bathrobes that will quickly become your favorite item in your wardrobe. Feel free to roam the property in them — I certainly did.

The room rates begin at $315 per night and includes daily continental breakfast and morning yoga. 

Among the other highlights at the property is the menagerie of animals that live there. We were greeted daily by a flock of peacocks that like to patrol the pool area. The resort also has small goats, dogs and a donkey. Needless to say, Acre is pet-friendly.

While there may not be a beach at Acre, the pool is one of the most beautiful in Los Cabos. Wreathed in jungle palms, the sleek poolscape is an oasis within an oasis, complete with tropical bar with a selection of sexy cocktails, wine and beer. White lounge chairs encircle the turquoise-colored pool, while the pool deck is made up of white and turquoise geometric tiles. 

Local fare and ‘imported’ mezcal

Of course, no trip to Acre is complete without a visit to the restaurant. Cozy, slate-colored booths with pops of navy blue textiles encircle the space, while the center is reserved for both small, intimate tables and longer communal ones. All have views of the open kitchen. As is to be expected at a hotel that began as a restaurant, the food was outstanding. Highlights included the kampachi tiradito, grilled octopus, skirt steak arrachera, and fish a la talla. 

Believe it or not, Acre offers its own mezcal, as well. The four award-winning mezcals are produced in the states of Oaxaca and Durango and sent to the resort. If you’re interested in learning more about mezcal, Acre can arrange for a tasting at the main bar.

Acre has truly embraced the trend of staying hyper-focused on the local, while weaving in luxury and modern design. The hotel is nothing short of luxury, but approachable enough to not feel out of reach for travelers. Fashion and food take center stage, and yet you’re encouraged to slip into your robe and sip a Modelo by the pool. It is, without a doubt. one of the more unique experiences you can have in Los Cabos. Guests won’t miss the beach scene one bit, I promise.

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