Priceline and Google partner on travel-booking chatbot

Priceline will deploy generative artificial intelligence (AI) from Google Cloud across its business, both internally and customer-facing, starting this summer.

Customers will have access to a chatbot that will answer questions about trip planning. Additionally, Priceline said, they will be able to book a trip directly in the chat.

The chatbot will be able to handle more complex inquiries, like “What are the best four-star hotel options in midtown Manhattan within walking distance of Central Park?” and “Can you help me extend my hotel reservation for an additional night?”

The chatbot will be available on desktop and mobile 24/7.

Priceline will also use AI to power a “personalized hotel booking experience” based on a hotel’s proximity to attractions, activities and restaurants. Within the hotel booking experience, consumers will be served up information on the hotel’s neighborhood that is personalized to them. Generative AI will provide descriptions of things nearby as well as seasonal events, Priceline said.

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A generative AI-powered marketing platorm will automatically generate copy and imagery to present to customers. Priceline said AI will develop emails to describe cities as well as generate imagery and dynamic text for online ads and assets. 

Internally, search capabilities will be improved so employees can more easily access resources and information they need. Developers will also be able to use AI to help with code completion, search and summarization.

“We believe it’s not just about having the latest technology; it’s also about practically targeting innovation to the right challenges and opportunities,” Priceline chief technology officer Marty Brodbeck said in a statement.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, added, “Generative AI holds tremendous potential for the travel industry, and Priceline is at the forefront of bringing its benefits to both customers and employees. Together, we’re focused on being bold in our AI innovation and responsible in how this new technology will be deployed.”

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