This Website Lets You Rent Stunning Gardens Around Los Angeles

The sharing economy has taken over the hospitality world. From home rentals like Airbnb to van sharing companies like Outdoorsy, and even shared private planes, travelers can find and rent anything they need from their peers. And now, that includes renting out private garden spaces in Los Angeles as well.

The company Healing Gardens now allows residents of Los Angeles to book out local garden spaces to use for everything from yoga classes to birthday parties, book clubs, or just simply some time alone in nature.

"I've always had a love for plants and wildlife, so with Healing Gardens we want to bring easy access to the wellness benefits of nature to our community and at the same time do our part in regenerating our planet," Abhi Arora, co-founder of Healing Gardens, told Tree Hugger.

Arora and his partner, Rishi Kumar, share Healing Gardens website that it all began as a way for them to fight climate change.

"We found that one solution lies in the soil below our feet. Soil can store tremendous amounts of carbon that plants can use to grow and, in turn, feed all of us," they write. "We also found through many experiences, ours and people we know, that being in nature has a profoundly positive effect on our mental well-being. Abhi was cured of his anxiety by being in nature. One of our friends has been using gardening to cure their stress for 30 years. We also met a veteran father and his son who were overcoming PTSD through gardening in their garden in Santa Monica."

So, the two ideas of fighting climate change and helping mental well-being, came together in one company, whose mission is simple: "Bring gorgeous gardens to people who need to de-stress. At the same time making gardeners revenue so they can use more high carbon soil."

On the website, users can rent out everything from the "Reset Urban Garden" in Glendale where they can peruse the fruits and veggies, and even get involved with planting their own crops, to the "Dragon House Garden," which is available for rent in Downtown for date nights or tea parties. Users can even rent massive garden spaces like the "Conejo Ridge California Native Garden" for educational events or personal use. And this is truly just the beginning. See all the listings where you can find some peace in nature here.

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