Travel hack: Flight attendant on the clothes you shouldn’t wear if you want a free upgrade

Flight attendant explains how to properly pack a bag

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TikTok user Ceara Kirkpatrick has shared with her nearly 300,000 followers a simple way travellers can get upgraded to First Class on a flight.

Content creator @cearakirk took the opportunity to quiz a flight attendant on his top tips for flying.

She told her followers: “I recently became friends with a flight attendant a few weeks ago and we had a three hour car ride together.

“So I trapped him and I was like, ‘tell me everything.'”

The TikTok creator asked for his top tips on being a “good flyer”, to which he shared a straightforward tip for having a better inflight experience – which next to no effort.

Understandably, many holidaymakers head to the airport in their comfiest clothes, with leggings, hoodies and trainers being popular staples.

However, this may inadvertently hinder passengers’ chances of a luxury flying experience.

Proving the “insider scoop”, the flight attendant told @caerakirk: “You need to look nice on every single flight.

“When you check in, they will literally mark you as ‘suitable for upgrade’ if you look nice, and only if you look nice.”

She continued: “If you’re just in sweats and look like a piece of garbage – like how I usually fly – you’ll never get upgraded.”

The video provided another top tip.

“Sometimes they’ll literally upgrade you regardless of status, even if you’ve never flown with the airline before, just because you look nice.”

She concluded: “From now on I’m going to look presentable on my flights, just so I can possibly get upgraded.”

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The video amassed almost 400,000 likes and a near 10,000 saves, with other flying enthusiasts flocking to the comments section.

@clawdeeuhhh had some reservations: “Imagine you wear heels and your nicest coat but they don’t upgrade you so you’re looking bougie in the back of the plane by the bathroom lol.

But @kitenubber said: “I got a free upgrade to First Class this way.”

While dressing for an upgrade may be suitable, asking for one may be a step too far, according to the TikTok creator.

In another video, @cearakirk told a story of when she directly asked someone at the desk gate for an upgrade and was laughed at.

She revealed it was an “instant regret”.

I almost didn’t board the flight because it was so mortifying.

“You’re welcome to try this tip, I will not be persuaded.”

@hortonlane replied: “Yesss! I freakin did this with the ignorance and confidence that one has at 22 and they laughed and said it will be A THOUSAND DOLLARS.”

But, @_stephlina said: “Aww I did this and got upgraded.”

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