Breeze Airways is launching its first co-branded credit card

Breeze Airways plans to launch its first co-branded credit card sometime early next year.

The discount carrier will partner with Barclays on the Visa card. 

“Barclays has a proven track record with major travel brands, and this partnership is driven by our shared goal of advancing purposeful innovation,” Breeze president Tom Doxey said in a prepared remark. “Together, we will provide an unparalleled range of experiences for our cardmembers.” 


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The companies did not provide specific details on the card. 

Barclays currently issues co-branded credit cards for American, JetBlue, Frontier, Hawaiian, Lufthansa and Emirates among airlines. The bank also partners on credit cards with travel companies Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Priceline, RCI and Wyndham. 

Card launch paired with ‘start’ of loyalty program

Breeze said it would launch the card in conjunction with the beginning of what it is calling its “official” loyalty program. 

The carrier already awards BreezePoints, which can be redeemed as credits for future travel.

Breeze did not provide details on the upcoming, presumably expanded, program, and no name was unveiled. The carrier hinted that benefits will be broadly focused. 

“We think about loyalty very differently than traditional airlines,” said Doxey. “It’s not about tethering people to our brand but about our brand tethering itself to our guests and providing true value in all aspects of their lives — not just when traveling.”

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