End of an era: American Airlines is retiring its in-flight magazine, joining Delta and Southwest

In the first issue of American Airlines’ in-flight magazine, flight attendants were called stewardesses and business travelers were pitched family fares offering half-price tickets for “your wife.”

 It was 1966.

The cover story in the latest issue of American Way: LGBTQ neighborhoods across the country.

The changes in the seatback pocket staple reflect how times have changed in the past 50 years.

But perhaps no sign of the times is more telling than this: the June issue of American Way will be the airline’s last.

American is ceasing publication of what it calls the industry’s longest continually published in-flight magazine, joining Delta and Southwest, which stopped publishing their magazines during the pandemic and decided against bringing them back. American continued publishing during the pandemic but added an “antimicrobial process,” which it touts on the upper right hand corner of the cover.

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Why are airlines no longer offering in-flight magazines?

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