Snowstorm causes flight cancellations in Minneapolis and other Midwest cities

A major winter storm has caused flight disruptions across the Midwest, into the Plains and onto the Rocky Mountains. 

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, where more than a foot of snow is possible between Wednesday and Thursday, is suffering the worst, with 204 cancellations on Wednesday, according to FlightAware. More than 100 Minneapolis flights have already been canceled for Thursday. 

Travelers in Detroit and Milwaukee are also facing major disruptions, with 30% and 35% of flights canceled Wednesday, respectively. 

Denver had 122 cancellations Wednesday, accounting for 14% of planned flights. Further east in Sioux Falls, S.D., 24 flights were canceled Wednesday, amounting to 55% of scheduled flights.

U.S. airlines have issued travel waivers for travel touching numerous cities impacted by the storm. 

In total, more than 1,500 flights to, from or within the U.S. were canceled Wednesday, with 374 already canceled for Thursday. 

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