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You can listen to an audio release for a podcast by downloading it from a smartphone yourself and storing it on your MP3 player. The iPod, the podcast and the smartphone, the mp3 player, the computer are all related and are the same thing, you. The podcast and talk radio phenomena dates back to early in the century, when many American radio enthusiasts listened to talk shows on the AM band as well as some short-wave programs on AM. By the first half of the decade, a variety of new shortwave shows, including those hosted by Howard Stern, began to appear. In 1927, as radio was becoming larger than ever and more powerful, an event occurred that gave a new sense of direction to the industry: Howard Hughes, the multimillionaire oil tycoon and the founder of Hughes Aircraft Company, launched what he called the radio-industry at the Pan American Exposition in Chicago in the summer of that year. His aim was to bring together all of the different players in the radio industry, from engineers to technicians to producers, to create a new type of radio. Two years later, in 1931, he held another event at the Exposition that was more important to the entire industry: the first World Radio Conference, or WRC, a meeting of the major players in the radio industry, which resulted in the creation of the first WRS, or World Radio Union, in which several radio manufacturers, including Hughes Aircraft Company, were members. Since that first conference, a few more of the important events occurred. The first WRC in 1953 created the International Bureau of Radio-Communications Technical Committee, or the BBT, to oversee cooperation between the various radio manufacturers. In 1956 the WRCs first convention in Chicago set up the first World Radio Systems Committee, or WRS, to organize radio systems, which were radio manufacturers who were involved in the making of radio systems rather than individuals who just made radio parts. In 1961 the WRC established the International Broadcasting Conference, or the WBC, which oversaw the development of the new form of television, known as Television News Symposia, or TNS. In 1966, the WRC created the Worldwide Satellite-Telephony Conference, WSTC in which some of the worlds leading satellite-phone manufacturers were invited, and in 1980 the WRC created the International Joint Telephony Conference, IJC which set up the third edition of the IJTC, which was hosted by Hughes Aircraft Company.

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