Airbnb guests can ‘haggle’ pricing with travel expert’s clever bargaining tips

Holidays are perhaps the most popular way for Britons to relax in the summer months but it can be difficult to unwind when concerned about money.

Whether it be that travellers are limited to a small budget, or simply want to keep accommodation costs to a minimum, finding a cheap place to stay is essential for many holidaymakers.

And while it may seem like they have to compromise on the quality of their home-from-home, a travel expert has revealed that this is simply not the case.

Speaking to on behalf of the Post Office, Rob Staines (@rob_globetrotter) claimed that Airbnb guests can “haggle” the price of their stay.

He shared his best bargaining tips to help Britons safely secure a cheap summer getaway.

Rob said: “I love Airbnb. It can offer affordable and unique properties from studios to castles, and yes, it is possible to haggle.

“Simply contact the host via the authorised link within the app or website. There are a few important things to remember though…”

Among the travel expert’s top tips was to approach the bargaining process in a “polite and well-mannered” fashion.

While some property hosts may outright reject the request, there are plenty that will be open to compromising on their pricing.

And one of the easiest ways to do this is by giving a “genuine” reason for reducing the cost.

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Rob suggested that guests explain that they “love the property”  but “find it personally hard to stretch the budget” or add that it is a special occasion.

His second bargaining technique was to offer a review if it is a new listing that has very few write-ups from previous guests.

After all, genuine reviews are the first thing many future holidaymakers will read when doing their research into the property.

The travel expert added: “Alternatively, offer to clean the property or agree to restock all used essentials like loo roll, sugar and wine.”

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Another money-saving hack shared by Rob was to work around the available booking dates by opting for single days.

Those who are flexible on booking dates are perfect candidates to bargain a cheaper stay during periods with short-term availability between longer bookings.

According to the travel expert, these are typically “harder for the owner to fill”, so guests are more likely to be successful in renegotiating the price. The same applies to out-of-season bookings where the availability of properties is generally high.

However, he urged travellers to think twice before securing a booking. Rob said: “Don’t lay yourself open to a scam – only ever pay with a credit card via the Airbnb official site. Don’t be tempted to pay the owner direct.”

According to a recent survey of those polled by Post Office Travel, a staggering 53 percent of people are worried about getting scammed. The travel expert added: “Don’t put yourself at risk just to save a few quid!”

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