Airline’s signs for business and economy classes have sparked jokes online

An airline’s airport signage used to direct people towards the line for their class of travel has caused hilarity this week.

A TikTok poster spotted the Singapore Airlines’ check-in signs and poked fun at the differences between business, first class and economy.

He spotted the facial expressions the model was pulling in the imagery for each class designation and giggled.

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Poster, @son_dawg_millionaire, asked: “Who did this photoshoot?”

Then, the funny creator walked his followers through the various signs joking about what the model’s expressions implied.

The Singapore signs each featured a woman in traditional dress and smiling at the guests.

However, the poster, named Sonny-Joe, narrated the signs from his point of view.

Walking past the first class sign he said: “First class, you’re going to have a great time.”

He then wandered past the next section for business class guests and noted: “Welcome to business class. You’ll love it,”

However, when Sonny-Joe approached the economy class sign he let out a big sigh commenting on the model looking less enthused than at the previous sections.

He moaned: “Economy. That’s OK. You will survive.”

While the economy model still appears smiling on the poster her shoulders seem slumped.

The video went viral on TikTok with more than 1.1million views and thousands of likes.

In the comments, people chuckled along with the joke.

One person laughed: “Economy, you’ll survive cause we promised the other classes they would and it’s all the same plane…”

“Even the girl on the economy with the slightly slumped shoulders,” noted another.

But, many pointed out that they loved Singapore Airline’s service – even in economy.

One person noted: “Their economy is better than some airlines' business class though.”

Another added: “Best airline and best economy hands down.”

While a third commented: “I thought I hated flying but their business is like being at home with staff.”

Plus, one person even pointed out that on some Singapore Airlines slights you can ask for instant cup noodles as a snack in economy completely free!

The airline also offers a huge range of special meals such as vegetarian, vegan, low fat, low salt, hindu meals, seafood meals and even bland meals.

Those who request a special meal will almost always be served their food first.


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