Angry Amsterdam sex workers hit back as city tells Brits to ‘stay away’

Brits have been left infuriated due to a new campaign by Amsterdam telling young British men to "stay away", months after having introduced new rules for tourists.

The campaign says that heading to Amsterdam for a “messy” weekend of drink and drugs could lead to arrest, a criminal record and even hospitalisation.

It is specifically aimed at UK men aged 18 to 35 – and warning messages will pop up online when you search terms such as “pub crawl Amsterdam”.

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Sex workers in Amsterdam’s "De Wallen" have now stated they plan to protest the new rules in the wake of the campaign announcement, reports the Express.

Tourism workers in the area have also spoken out about the internet adverts that will try to discourage UK men from visiting Amsterdam.

The campaign hopes to stop British men from coming to Amsterdam for sex and drug tourism in the city’s famous Red Light District.

On top of the internet messages, the city council has also shortened the opening hours of brothels and said they may move the area to large "erotic centres" on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

Chief executive of Conscious Hotels, Marco Lemmers, told Dutch News: "It’s so negative. You can also present the image of the city in a positive way and attract people to come here.

"Would you like it if you were targeted on the internet with possible fines when planning to visit a destination because your relative or friend was looking earlier for a group holiday in that same place on your device?"

A manager of Cafe Brecht also said: “I don't think really this is about British tourists. Many tourists are loud. I think it is not a secret that Amsterdam is often a destination for parties, it is famous for its coffee shops and sex tourism.

"That kind of tourism is often a bit more party-oriented than those who come here for the Rijksmuseum. I couldn't agree that it is linked to nationality. German tourists are just the same. If someone is here for a party, they will party. I love the British personally.

"I do get that you want to protect people living in the Red Light district, we should not turn it into a complete Disney park but I sometimes think Amsterdam has reduced in liberality in recent years."

However, Bruce Njumire who runs burger chain Burgemester thinks the city council is correct in its plans.

He said: "I think they (the council) have got a point. It is mostly British tourists who come here to have a good time. The image of Amsterdam isn't that good, it is not great for the city.

"I am not sure what the effects on business will be but I am assuming the overall safety of the city improves and therefore hospitality will not suffer that much.

"I don't think it will affect restaurants and hospitality that much. Obviously, it is not only British people but they are the most common, that's why they picked it out."

Furious Twitter users have slammed it for singling out Brits, whiles tag do firms have already expressed their anger over the campaign. Businessman Matt Mavir, who has organised stag and hen trips for thousands of Brits, claims that the Dutch targeted attack on UK lads is "sensationalist and xenophobic" and potentially open to legal challenge.

The Association of British Travel agents said in a statement: "Amsterdam is one of Europe's great cities with beautiful architecture, welcoming people and is enjoyed by many British travellers. Abta would always recommend that visitors respect the destinations they visit and also treat the local people with respect.”


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