BA cabin crew can now wear jumpsuits in major uniform update

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    The iconic British Airways uniform is about to change as the airline has unveiled its brand new collection for flight attendants and pilots.

    BA is looking to “take the airline into its next chapter” by changing the uniform for the first time in nearly 20 years.

    Anyone who has flown BA – which if you’re British is most holidaymakers – knows the classic red and blue uniform.

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    Many of us have looked at the crew striding through the airport and thought they looked the height of glamour!

    Now the airline has revealed that flight attendants are donning a new uniform on for secret trials around UK airports and flights.

    The new outfits have been designed by Ozwald Boateng OBE – and it’s way more modern than you might expect.

    Launching in spring, you might spot the brand new jumpsuit for female crew that’s an “airline first”.

    There’s also a tunic and hijab option for flight attendants who prefer to wear them when in the sky.

    Men will be treated to a swish three-piece suit with either regular or slim fit trousers, while women can choose from dress, skirt and trouser options.

    British Airways claims the designer was careful to design “a truly original collection, taking inspiration from the airline, its people” and “of the art of flying”.

    A new pattern known as the “airwave” can be spotted across the collection on jackets, shirts, buttons and ties.

    The design was inspired by the flow of air over an aircraft wing.

    Meanwhile a jacquard fabric will show the airline’s classic speedmarque – that’s the stylised ribbon flick you see above BA on the chest.

    Ozwald has been designing the new uniform for around five years since it was commissioned in 2018.

    He shadowed airport workers and crew to understand exactly how the uniform needed to function for the different jobs so it could be a utility outfit as well as a fashionable one.

    Sean Doyle, British Airways’ Chairman and CEO, said: “Our uniform is an iconic representation of our brand, something that will carry us into our future, representing the very best of modern Britain and helping us deliver a great British original service for our customers.

    “From the very start, this has been about our people.

    “We wanted to create a uniform collection that our people are proud to wear and with the help of over 1,500 colleagues, we are confident that we have delivered this.”

    Ozwald used high quality and resilient fabrics that are easy to look after while ensuring they offered a “modern British, stylish look”.

    Workshops with thousands of crew members also tested the uniforms suitability and game feedback.

    Engineers have even been secretly wearing the uniforms while caring for aircraft out of sights in Manchester and the Cotswolds to trial them.

    Outdoor pieces have been checked in special tech showers and freezers to ensure they work in weather up to -18C.

    Plus, they’re water resistant so crew can avoid being soaked when in the typical British drizzle.

    The garments have been adjusted according to various crew members specifications – with tool pockets added for engineers and touch screen gloves for ground handlers.

    Flight attendant Emma Carey said: “It’s been a real honour and responsibility to help test the new uniform and put it through its paces at 35,000ft to make sure it’s fit for purpose, with thousands of my colleagues counting on me.

    “It was great to see that adjustments were made after our feedback.

    “The pockets on the apron, for example, were widened after the trial so we had more room for everything we need during meal services on board.

    “I can't wait for our customers to see the new collection.”

    Plus, in a nod to being green the outfits have been made with 90% sustainable fabric made from recycled polyester.

    BA have also committed to working with the “Better Cotton” initiative that helps communities survive while restoring the environment.

    The switch over from the old uniform to the new will occur in summer 2023 and the defunct items will be recycled to create toys, placed in the airline’s museum or given to charity.


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