Balearic Islands finally back to normal for Britons – but one strict rule still in place

Balearic Islands a 'safe destination' for UK tourists says expert

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As the weather gets colder moving into the winter season, the Balearic islands have lifted restrictions on numbers dining indoors. There are now no capacity restrictions indoor or outdoor on Majorca.

Alfonso Robledo, president of the CAEB Restauración, an association of bars, cafes and restaurants in Mallorca welcomed the news.

He said: “This measure is very important because it’s getting colder and many customers prefer to be indoors.”

Robledo said that Mallorca could be in for a good winter season, saying: “If the weather is with us, it could be a good month.”

The 1.5 metre social distancing rule has also been removed for bars and restaurants in the Balearics.

However, he expressed annoyance that one particular hospitality rule remained in place on the islands.

Smoking is still banned on the terraces of bars and restaurants in the Balearic islands, a rule which has frustrated some customers.

He said: “Valencia and the Balearic islands are the only two communities where you cannot smoke on the terraces.

“People don’t understand why they can’t smoke at the table with their partner but they’re allowed to light up just a few feet away.”

Robledo said that if the smoking ban was related to the fight against cancer, smoking should be banned everywhere, not just terraces of bars and restaurants.

Facemasks are still compulsory within shops and offices on the Balearic Islands and the regional Government has urged people to remain vigilant.

The capacity restrictions on bars and restaurants had been in place for 12 months and many hospitality venues had struggled during Covid.

However, the lifting of restrictions comes as the islands experience a rise in Covid cases with 102 new cases recorded on October 26.

The Balearic Islands are one of British tourists’ top destinations with many flocking to the hotspot for sun and sea.

Mallorca offers Britons hidden beach coves, quaint stone villages and stunning landscapes.

The island is famed for its many citrus plantations, limestone mountains and popular beach resorts.

While many Britons head to the islands for a relaxing break, the destination also has a reputation for wild parties.

British people are known for travelling to the resort town of Magaluf in the Balearic islands for drinking holidays.

While the pandemic has discouraged Britons from making the trip, there were reports of drunk people breaking Covid rules last summer.

Tourism officials have since announced they are planning to ditch ‘drunken tourism’ and focus on quality.

Restrictions on drinking have already been placed on party boats and all you can drink pub crawls.

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