Bear up a tree in Jefferson County is safely removed and relocated.

Two bears were spotted in two trees Tuesday — one in Jefferson County and the other in Highlands Ranch.

The first bear sighting was in the Dakota Station neighborhood of Jefferson County. That bear was safely removed from the area and relocated.

The bear, estimated to be about age 7, was spotted in the tree near West Elmhurst Place and West Friend Place, according to 11:12 a.m. Tuesday tweet by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Staff with the sheriff’s office, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and West Metro Fire Rescue teamed up to handle the situation, including the use of a fire department aerial ladder platform to gain safe access to the bruin.

Some streets in the area were temporarily closed by the response. At 2:09 p.m. officials announced that the bear had been removed and is being relocated to an area better suited for bears. Streets in the area have been reopened.

Douglas County warning

On Tuesday afternoon the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office issued an alert about a “bear actively scavenging” in the area of Puma Run and McArthur Ranch Road in Highlands Ranch. “Please store trashcans inside and keep your distance,” the sheriff’s office warned. “Bears may look cute but can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to you and your pets.” The area in the alert is near Rock Canyon High School.

The Douglas County sheriff updated the alert describing the bear as sleeping in a tree after feasting on a “large quantity of fermented apples in the neighborhood.”

Bear activity and interactions with humans tend to ramp in the late summer and early fall as bears go into hyperphagia — increased feeding before hibernation. Direct contact with humans can lead to conflict, including attacks, which can result in bears being destroyed.

Wildlife officials urge people to take measures to minimize drawing bears into residential neighborhoods and properties including not leaving garbage out overnight before pickup and cleaning garbage cans regularly to eliminate foods and odors.

In September a bear was safely removed from a tree in Fort Collins on the Colorado State University campus.

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