‘Beautiful’ IOW landmark named one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the UK – ‘iconic view’

Princess Anne visits yacht club on the Isle of Wight

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Off the south coast of England in the English Channel, the Isle of Wight is a popular holiday destination for Britons in need of some fresh air. The Isle of Wight is used to being named on best lists, with Ventnor named best beach for families just this month.

While the entire island is beautiful and offers plenty to do to holidaymakers, one attraction is even more special.

Located at the South Westernmost point of the Isle of Wight, The Needles rise up from the English Channel.

The chalk stacks are a popular attraction to see from shore for visitors to the island.

The Needles have played an important role in safety since the 19th century, when the lighthouse standing at the furthermost point was built to help sailors navigate their ways up the Solent.

The white cliffs of the coast and “needles” rising up from the sea make this attraction the most visited on the Isle of Wight.

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There are a range of tourist activities around The Needles, with The Needles Landmark Attraction offering chairlift rides to see the sand cliffs and pleasure cruises promising to take holidaymakers closer to the natural landmark.

With a Victorian carousel, Needles teacup ride, a games kiosk and even a 4D cinema, the attractions around The Needles are plentiful.

On Tripadvisor, Dave J said: “Well worth it. It is like a little village with things for all the family to do.

“The cable chair lift was great with lovely views.

“There are also steps down to the bottom where you can catch a boat for a trip around The Needles.”

Loraines said: “Alum Bay and the Needles must be at the top of your list when you visit the Isle of Wight.

“The amazing colours of the cliffs is second to none. The different colours in the sand make great souvenirs when you make a gift in the shop to bring home.

“You can get up close to The Needles by taking a boat.

“See the beautiful Needles in all their glory nestled in the blue sea.”

Britons who wish to see the natural wonder without the touristic add-ons can walk along the coast towards the old battery and the rocket testing site.

The beauty of The Needles can be seen from both Alum Bay or Scratchell’s Bay.

Further afield, it is possible to walk the Tennyson Trail across the National Trust’s The Needles Headland and Tennyson Down to Freshwater Bay.

User Machinemad, who seems to have done the walk in the other direction, said: “This walk starts from a chalk quarry, climbs steeply to the Tennyson memorial and then heads west to The Needles over scrubland, filled with wildflowers, nesting birds (particularly skylarks) and the best views on the Island.

“The mainland looks so close you could touch it. As you approach The Needles, look back and you can see half of the Island.

“There are scramble paths down, past the old rocket testing sight, to vantage points that give you the iconic view of the Needle rocks and (probably) the toughest light use in Britain.

“There’s even a bus stop that is frequented by lots of bus to take you further round this delightful coastline.”

The UK Wonders were named by Merrell in partnership with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). 

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