Bedbug warning as travellers urged to ‘always’ scour hotel rooms for critters

Bedbugs often make themselves known after they’ve left their mark through bites on the skin, at which point it’s too late to avoid them. However, tourists can seek out the unpleasant creatures before they get too close with a few quick checks of their hotel room.

The critters feed on blood by biting hosts that come into contact with infested surfaces.

And while they will first ruin a holiday by irritating the skin, bedbugs can also travel home with tourists, often unknowingly.

Travellers have taken to Reddit to share their tried and tested methods to help others dodge them while on holiday.

They explained that the “first line of defence” is to “inspect the room thoroughly”.

In a post on the popular forum, one user, who goes by the name RockleyBob wrote: “Your first line of defence is always to inspect the room thoroughly. Check the mattress under the sheets and mattress cover for spots or discolouration.

“Depending on their lifecycle stage, bed bugs and their eggs can range from the size of a tiny speck to a sesame seed.”

If you can’t see any bedbugs, common traces include dark patches on the walls and blood spots on the sheets.

According to Nic Shaklock from Online-Bedrooms, blood spots – which often look like rust – may be found on the seams of mattresses.

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Clusters of small white spots are another telltale sign of bedbugs and tiny husk-like specks that may crunch if squashed.

The bedroom expert urged: “Ensure both sides of the mattress are free from any blood stains before hitting the hay.”

It’s not just the bed that should be searched for traces of the unpleasant critters.

The Reddit user also recommended inspecting the pillows, bed frame and any cushions or upholstery in the room.

If hotel guests spot any of these signs in their bedroom, Nic warned against touching any of the affected areas.

He said: “Notify the hotel or apartment staff straight away.

“They should be really accommodating and offer to move you so nothing has a negative impact on both your holiday and more importantly your health.”

Tourists should also take a few extra precautions to minimise the spread of bedbugs from an infested area to their own belongings.

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