Block splits opinion for screaming at mum on flight after kids kicked his seat

Many of us have had the unpleasant experience of being kicked in the back while sitting on a plane.

Whether it’s someone trying to get comfortable on a long-haul red-eye or a fussy kid on your trip to Spain it’s annoying and even sometimes painful.

Well, a bloke recently explained that he screamed at a woman while on a plane because of her kids doing just that, reports the Sun.

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The 39-year-old was flying from London to New York – a journey of around nine hours – and sat in front of a mother with her two children.

But, the little ones quickly began to kick and hit his seat after take off.

Posting on Reddit, the man explained: "The plane takes off and the boys start yelling about how this is best day ever, and generally making a lot of noise."

"I turn around and I see that the boy behind me is sitting in a way where he has his feet jammed into the back of my seat."

He said he asked the mum to move her son's feet, which she did – only for the kid to constantly hit the back of his seat with his hands later in the flight.”

The man continued: "I again ask the mother to tell her son not to do that. She rolls her eyes at me, but tells her kid to stop."

Then one of the boys began slamming the tray table up and down which bashed the man’s seat.

He said he “lost it” and began screaming at the mum to control her children.

The man claims her husband berated the kids, but on social media people were split over his reaction – and his own parent wasn't happy with him either.

He added: "I got home and was talking to my mother on the phone and told her what happened. She told me that wasn't very nice, and I shouldn't have done that."

So, he wanted to check with Reddit users whether he was the "a**hole" in the situation.

"I probably would’ve spoken to the cabin crew first,” criticised one commenter.

Another added: "You handled the situation pretty well considering you asked the mother multiple times to get her kids under control."

While a third wrote: "That family was awful and only shouting at them made sure that the kid left you in peace."

Judging by the many posts on social media about a similar issue it seems the bloke is not the only person to become frustrated with children on a flight.

Last year, another Reddit user said that he was sat in front of six-year-old twin girls who he screamed at on a plane.

He added: “The twins remained relatively calm until we got in the air. At this point, they started trying to see who could kick my chair the hardest. I decided to switch to the empty seat next to me, and they proceeded to kick the chair I switched to.

“However not even 5 minutes later, these things crawled under my seat and grabbed my leg. They started trying to do everything they could to annoy me.”

The teenager said that he yelled at the children to stop and the parents and their kids were made to move to the back of the plane.

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What would you have done in this scenario? Tell us in the comments…


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