Bloke packs lube for lads holiday – but instantly regrets it after suitcase fail

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A man was left red-faced when he found his lube had "exploded" in his luggage and ruined almost all his holiday outfits.

Jack Murdoch went to Germany last week with some pals but was horrified when he opened his bag at the airport to see the liquid had covered his clothes.

He posted a video on TikTok and wrote: "My mate's lube spilt all throughout his bag."

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His friend opens the suitcase and notices a slimy stain at the bottom of the fabric, as well as over his lotions and a few pairs of shoes.

Luckily, thanks to the genius design of the suitcase, his clothes are packed in a separate compartment.

Viewers rushed to share their thoughts on Jack's friend's mishap.

"I would break down in the airport toilets," one said and a second wrote: "Oh my lord, what did he expect? Travelling without a toiletry bag?!"

A third commented on the man's packing list, saying: "RIP the luggage but at least he is a skincare king."

"You always put things that can leak in plastic bags, hope it smell okay though," a fourth added.

In Jack's following video, his friends are all travelling in a train and none of them seem to be bothered by the leaked lube.

Previously, Daily Star has brought together a list of useful tips for holidaymakers who wish to pack something extra fun for a night with your partner.

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Research is key as it is important to find out if the country has any restrictions on sex toys, otherwise, you might find yourself behind bars in a foreign country.

Size does matter when it comes to packing and you might want to consider downsizing the toys.

It's also important to check if your toys have travel settings so you can avoid any random vibrations or sounds coming from your suitcase.


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