‘Brazilian butt lift patients’ cause chaos during flight as they can’t sit down

A woman filmed the bizarre moment fellow plane passengers avoided sitting on their seats.

Andrea Gallegos was on an outbound flight from Miami, Florida in US, last week and she found herself sitting around three women allegedly recovering from Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Hoping to shed some light on the plastic surgery recovery and aftercare, she posted on TIkTok: "So I got on my flight today and everyone seated around me just had surgery.

"They didn't know each other. Remember ladies if you are getting a Brazilian butt lift, don't forget about the flight home.

"Pack something comfy for your knees."

In her video, which has now amassed 11.5 million views, the two women beside her lean over their seats.

They face backwards with their bottoms sticking out instead of sitting down.

A third woman sitting behind her is seen lying face-down on the entire row of seats.

Andrea gave more details to her viewers in the comments and explained that the flight journey was about three hours.

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"I spoke with all three women before the plane took off," she added.

"They were very comfortable talking about their recovery, sharing before pictures etc.

"They had to be seated and buckled in for takeoff and landing, but as long as the seat belt sign wasn't on, the flight attendants let them sit like this."

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Some viewers said they would be embarrassed to have to sit on their knees for the whole flight.

One wrote: "This is so hilarious but pitiful at the same time."

"I'm crying, that would be so embarrassing to me and it is not safe," a second penned.

While a third said: "I'm a flight attendant and see these women quite frequently on Miami flights.

"I'm like 'spend the extra money for a recovery house'!"

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