British expat in Spain names the things she misses the most – ‘might prove difficult’

Brexit: British expat discusses difficulty of living in Spain

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Relocating to another country is an exciting experience many Britons dream of. British expats live all over the world, but Spain is one of the most popular destination for Britons wanting to move countries.

British expat Marianne moved from Lancashire to a village in the south of Spain with her husband.

They were in search of “better weather and the outdoor lifestyle”, and they found it.

She left her family, including her sons, back in the UK and embraced Spanish life wholeheartedly.

With “no plans to move back to the UK”, Marianne said she “joins in with whatever is going on” and made plenty of friends.

She explained: “We’ve made plenty of friends and know lots of people – expats of many different nationalities as well as locals – to socialise with.”

Marianne’s life in southern Spain is great, and she said she was “fortunate enough to be largely able to do what I want, which increasingly includes writing, taking photographs, travelling and blogging”.

Not having to look for a job was lucky, as there was “25 percent unemployment here, so finding a job might prove difficult”, Marianne said.

Another “pain in the neck” was the bureaucracy.

Not needing to find a job and having navigated the bureaucracy, the couple found life in Spain enjoyable.

She said: “There’s plenty to keep you busy around here – it all depends what you are looking for.

“We have beautiful beaches, skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains, lakes, the classic Andalucían cities of Granada, Seville and Córdoba within a couple of hours drive, and easy access to the city of Málaga to fly internationally if we want.

“There are lots of fiestas and festivals, and many local towns and pretty villages to visit.”

Expats’ lives may seem perfect from afar, but there are drawbacks.

Marianne listed some of the things she missed the most, and coming top, of course, was family.

However, she also missed “English tea bags”.

She had a way to procure the all important item, however: “With regular visits to the UK, Gibraltar (for Morrisons supermarket) and visitors from England, we manage to keep our supplies topped up!”

She also missed “Boots the Chemist, I’m a woman!” and her “favourite full-sized Sunday newspaper”, which was printed in Spain but only “as a standard tabloid size”.

Having been an expat for years, Marianne also had some advice for fellow Britons who want to make the move.

She said: “Rent before you buy for twelve months, to include every season.

“It’s very different living here full-time, as opposed to visiting only during peak holiday periods.

“And try to learn some Spanish as the locals are more than willing to help you out as long as they can see that you are making an effort.”

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