British expats: Cheapest countries in the world to live named – £221 for monthly rent

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International Living’s Global Retirement Index looked at the best locations for expats where life was affordable. The team looked at the price of food, rent, travel and more to find the cheapest destinations. 

The cheapest destination for expats in the world was the beautiful South Asian country of Vietnam.

Expats could live comfortably in Vietnam in a modern house and eat out regularly on a budget of £1,109 per month.

Rents in Vietnam have recently decreased which has made one bedroom apartments much more affordable for expats.

A one bedroom luxury flat in expat favourite Hoi An costs as little as £221 per month while flat prices in the capital city of Hanoi have also dropped.

Expats looking for a long and healthy life should consider Vietnam as the cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world.

From pho, a beef or chicken soup in a rich broth with herbs, to noodles, fresh ingredients ensure the food is delicious and healthy.

Food is extremely well priced in Vietnam and a meal at a posh restaurant is unlikely to cost more than £18.50 for two.

Many people in Vietnam choose to get around on mopeds which keeps costs down. Taxis are also very affordable.

The second cheapest destination in the world for British expats was the gorgeous Indonesian island of Bali.

Backpacker favourite, Bali is extremely friendly on an expat’s wallet and also has incredible scenery to explore.

A two bedroom house with a pool and its own garden costs around £369 per month while a luxurious beachside property is around £1,109 per month.

Most expats will need to pay at least six months upfront but that does help to keep rent costs down.

As a small island, it’s easy for expats to get around whether they choose to use a moped or hire a private driver.

Restaurants and bars are often catering to the backpacker market making them very affordable for most expats.

Cambodia and Bolivia tied as the third cheapest countries in the world for British expats to relocate to.

Rent in the South American nation of Bolivia costs around £147 per month while food is extremely affordable.

One expat told InterationalLiving that he lived in Bolivia for less than £517 per month including rent.

Meanwhile, experts say that an expat could live on less than £750 per month in Cambodia including rent.

Food and drink is a lot cheaper in Cambodia than in the UK and expats can explore some of the country’s incredible ancient sites.

Cambodia mostly deals in US dollars rather than its own currency. Dollars are dispensed from most ATMs around the country.

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