British tourists warned of ‘grim’ scenes at Spain border control after Brexit – ‘Avoid’

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However, a lack of staff at key passport control desks is also contributing to the issues. According to local media, British tourists faced hour-long queues at Alicante airport.

Tourists have also faced lengthy queues at Madrid airport as well as at other key Spanish airports.

The National Police Union JUPOL, has warned there will be “further chaos this summer” with only a third of 47 positions filled at Alicante airport.

Post-Brexit UK citizens are no longer EU citizens and must show their passports but a shortage of officers mean queues can build up at peak periods.

JUPOL said that Alicante’s border control staff were completely “overwhelmed” and said it was “a matter of urgency that reinforcements are recruited”.

Around seven million passengers are expected to use Alicante airport this summer with around 2.7 million likely to be British.

Meanwhile, passengers have reported chaotic scenes at Madrid airport as they faced lengthy queues.

Tom Sharpe tweeted: “I can confirm I have spent around two and a half hours in queues at Madrid airport in the past 24 hours. Grim.”

Marc Roberts tweeted: “Madrid airport connection passport control, 20 desks and one is open.

“Hundreds of people in the queue.”

The Government has said that 500 new workers will be recruited to work at Spain’s busiest airports.

A separate queue will be set up for British travellers at Madrid airport as they will need to have their passport stamped.

Spain’s Interior Ministry said: “In recent months the National Police has not registered a single complaint for missed flights.

“There are no queues or delays that go beyond punctual situations generated by the coincidence of several flights from outside the Schengen Area.”

Around 18.7 million people are expected to transit Madrid airport during June this year.

Another person using Madrid airport tweeted: “My friend James is coming to see me for a few days.

“Two desks open for all international arrivals. He’s been in the queue for one hour. It was almost as bad when I flew to Paris.”

Another passenger Ray McCann said the queue at Madrid airport for passport control was longer than 200m.

Emma Antunes said: “The Madrid airport was an absolute madhouse yesterday morning.

“No one managing the queue, only later when the crowd started thinning out.”

Many Britons are expected to travel to Spain for a holiday this summer as it remains one of the UK’s top destinations.

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