Britons advised to have food before 5pm to save hundreds on holiday – ‘Makes a difference’

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Michael Foote, Personal Finance Expert and Editor in Chief of travel insurance comparison site, recommended “swapping houses, researching free attractions and making lunch your main meal of the day”.

Michael explained: “f you have friends or family who live somewhere picturesque, suggest a house swap for a few days.

“This way, you’ll both get away for a change of scenery, and all it will cost you is the fuel or train/coach ticket to get there. “

He also said there are free attractions available everywhere, holidaymakers just need to do their research beforehand.

“Many museums, galleries and cathedrals are free to visit,” he said.

He also explained there are “plenty of beautiful beaches, lovely parks and breathtaking landscapes to explore, and you don’t need to pay a penny to visit them”.

In terms of saving money on meals, he advised: “Restaurants are well known for hiking their food prices after 5pm.

“Dinner menus are almost always more expensive than lunchtime menus, so feast at lunch and snack at dinner to save yourself a few pounds.”

Lisa Unverricht from travel website Penguin and Pia recommended always bringing food to the airport.

She said: “We all know how expensive food can be when you get through security and are waiting at the gates.

“Even a simple baguette sandwich can be marked up huge.

“It really adds up,” she told Business Insider.

Matt and Anna Kiefer, founders of and, explained skipping drinks or dessert when eating out is also a great way to save money.

They said: “Having lunch or dinner at a restaurant to taste the local cuisine is part of the travel experience, and you can do this on a budget.

“Anna and I like to skip drinks and dessert, if possible, to keep the bill low.

“These little things really add up and can make a difference in your budget.”

Another very useful tip to keep the costs low is carrying a bottle of water, as in most cities you can fill it up for free.

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