Britons can get paid £148,000 to move to a dreamy country next year – full list

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New research by packaging retailer RAJA revealed the countries that will pay travellers to move there.

There are many countries around the world with schemes that encourage people to move there to boost their economy.

The schemes can include a monetary incentive, home and land or money to start a business.


Ireland offers the highest amount of money for those who want to start a business in Dublin.

The country will pay £148,481 for those willing to relocate there.

New Zealand

The idyllic town of Kaitangata encourages people to move there by gifting them a quarter acre of land worth £120,338.


The beautiful country of Chile is offering up to £23,000 in funding to build a start-up.

Britons who move to Chile and start a business there will find the cost of an average dish is only £6.45.

Switzerland is also paying people to move to the beautiful village of Albinen.

The country offers £20,000 per person (or double that for couples) to live there for 10 years.

Canada is giving £11,500 to move there and study at one of the pre-approved universities.

An island in Greece is offering just over £5,000 a year to relocate to the stunning Mediterranean spot.

Britons who want to live in Italy will get nearly £2,000 to live in a little Italian village that’s only an hour drive from Naples.

But what is the best country to move to in terms of wellbeing?

According to the research, Zurich, in Switzerland, receives a top score for employment and wellbeing making it the best city to move to.

Chiang Mai also received the highest score for healthcare in the relocation index.

The top 11 places that will pay you to move there

Ireland, Dublin £148,481 to start a business

New Zealand, Kaitangata £120,338 worth of land

Chile, Santiago £23,000 to start a business

Switzerland, Albinen £19,635 per person to live in the village

Canada, Saskatchewan £11,537 in tax returns

Greece, Antikythera £5,124 annually

Croatia, Legrad £3,000 to buy a house

Spain, Ponga Village £2,560 cash

Italy, Candela £1,707 cash

The United States, Alaska £732 annual dividend

Mauritius, Port Louis £344 to start a business

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