Britons to face new Covid restrictions in Tenerife that could ‘ruin’ Christmas holidays

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British tourists with holidays booked on the island for Christmas are likely to be subject to the new restrictions. The Canary Island Government has said it has to bring in the restrictions to prevent a new Covid wave.

Officials have planned a meeting to discuss possible restrictions on the island, including a ban on unvaccinated people entering public venues.

The governing council of the Canary Islands Government said Tenerife was considered at risk.

This is due to the high number of tourists expected to visit the island for a winter sun break at Christmas.

Hotels are said to be nearly fully booked as travellers look to get away for the Christmas holidays.

Britons are one of the top nationalities holidaying in Tenerife this winter, as temperatures rarely fall below 20 degrees.

The Minister for Health, Blas Trujillo, said he wasn’t “ruling out anything” when it came to possible measures.

He said: “It will be a package of measures based on the scenarios that may occur in the face of the Christmas holidays which overlap with the high tourist season and the full hotel plant.”

A Covid certificate may be brought in to “control the flow of people indoors” during the winter tourist season.

The certificate would mean that anyone wanting to access shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars would need to show proof of vaccination.

The only other way to get a Covid certificate would be to prove they had recently recovered from the virus.

Government officials said unvaccinated people should not pose a threat to those who have had the jabs.

The Government has also claimed that most cases of Covid have been imported from tourists.

However, business owners and those working in the tourism industry said the measures might deter tourists from visiting Tenerife.

Any decision by the Canary Islands Government would need to be endorsed by the Supreme Court.

Yesterday, the Canary Government confirmed there were 260 cases of Covid on the islands.

A recent outbreak occurred after 13 people caught Covid from attending a Halloween party in Tenerife.

Galicia, in northern Spain, recently had a Covid certificate endorsed by the Supreme Court for certain conditions.

Blas Trujillo said a Canary Islands Covid Certificate would be “useful”. He said: “We continue to think the same way, and that it is a very useful thing.

“We continue to believe that we have sufficient reasons to be able to propose a measure like this.

“We are constantly analysing the situation to, above all, anticipate it before it worsens.”

Additional reporting by Rita Sobot. 

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