Brits can get paid £2,600 to move to Spain – and double cash by having children

Plenty of people wish they could move abroad – to somewhere sunny and beautiful.

The thought of waking up in the Spanish sun is a dream!

But, doing so is an emotionally and financially draining thing to do – and right now many simply don’t have the cash.

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Not only do you have to sell up or serve notice on your home in the UK and pack up all your worldly possessions, saying goodbye to your nearest and dearest is not easy.

One thing that may make the transition a little less difficult is a pay out being offered by some Spanish regions,the Daily Express reported.

Across Spain, many small villages and towns are struggling with depopulation after young people decided to relocate to cities.

Local councils have decided to entice new residents with attractive financial offers in an effort to revitalise their towns.

Ponga in Asturias, northern Spain will pay families 3,000 euros (£2,622) to settle in the town, with an additional 3,000 euros for each child born, reports the Mirror.

The landscape around the town is wild and beautiful, and plays home to many bears and wolves.

As well as the stunning countryside, the area has many stunning surfing beaches on the Costa Verde as well as good ferry links to the UK via Satander and Bilbao.

The town is not the only one trying to tempt people into the town to bolster its population.

Rubiá in Orense – also in the north of the country – is paying new residents as much as £130 a month to live in town.

While off the beaten track, the town has good transport links to Galicia and is close enough to Braga and the beaches of Viana do Castelo in Portugal for a good day trip.

Griegos in Teruel, which is between Madrid and Valencia, is a charming village that needs more people living there to function.

If you fancy upping sticks, then the local authority will give you three months of free rent and the possibility of a new job.

Its aim is to attract families with children to keep the school open, with rent beyond the three months capped at just £300,Property Guides reports.

Spanish towns are not alone in their efforts to attract more long-term residents.

Candela in stunning Apulia, Italy earned the nickname ‘Little Italy’ for its idyllic and traditional way of life.

But as residents moved away to work in cities, the town fell upon hard times, requiring it to attract new families.

Single people will receive 800 euros (£700) to move to the town while couples can pick up a whopping 1,200 euros.

To qualify people will need to apply for formal residency in Candela and must have a salary of at least 7,500 euros. (£6,500).


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