Brits ‘disgusted’ at theme park hotel’s ‘travesty’ of Full English fry-up

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    Everyone likes different food and while most Brits love a cooked breakfast even our preferences on that vary.

    Whether you’ll fight over crispy bacon versus grilled, poached eggs over fried or refuse to eat the dish without hash browns there’s a hill we’ll all die on.

    But, a fry up has recently caused such a ruckus that Brits are almost all frothing at the mouth, reports the Mirror.

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    The meal was served at the Alton Towers Theme Park hotel, in Stoke-on-Trent.

    The popular park is filled with fun rides and exciting attractions – but one breakfast was not one of them.

    A disgruntled holidaymaker shared a photo of what they received after ordering breakfast, and some foodies have said that the Full English was a “travesty”.

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    An image shows that the room service meal was brought to the room in a cardboard box that contained some bacon rashers, two sausages, a fried egg and hash brown.

    Accompanying the items – which were leaking grease into the box – was a plastic mug filled with baked beans.

    An organisation that’s “dedicated to the history and tradition of the full English breakfast” – The English Breakfast Society – tweeted a snap of the criminal brekkie earlier this week.

    They asked Alton Towers: "Is it true that this is your room service delivered full English breakfast in your hotel? Can you not give them plates?"

    It’s not just the professional hobbyists that weighed in on the matter.

    One foodie exclaimed: "No no no, not how you serve any breakfast never mind the breakfast of champions and then beans in a mug, missing ingredients, dodgy-looking sausages. A travesty."

    Another added: "If ever we needed proof that the world is slowly coming to an end… this could be it.

    “No tomatoes. No brown sauce. No turnips. Pitiful if true. And an abhorrent insult to the majestic world-famous English fry-up."

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    While a third noted: ‘That is awful, if they charged for that I'd refuse to pay.”

    Another commented: “That is the worst I have ever seen.”

    Others said the meal looked “disgusting.”

    An Aramark spokesperson commented: “We are disappointed with the standard of breakfast experienced in this isolated incident by one of the Treehouse guests in January.

    "It fell short of our usual standards. We took immediate action and worked with Alton Towers to review the room service offering to guests.

    "Breakfast is available to all Treehouse guests at any of the restaurants on site.

    "As an alternative option, room service is also available for breakfast which some guests find more convenient.

    "Following a full review carried out in January, a new continental breakfast offering is now available for guests availing of the service.

    "The new breakfast hamper for Treehouse guests includes a range of fresh fruit, cereals, milk, loaf of bread, a selection of juices, a range of pastries, an assortment of jams and marmalades, as well as yogurts, all delivered in a wicker hamper with linen napkins.

    "All hot breakfast options continue to be served on site in themed restaurants.”

    How would you react to this breakfast? Tell us in the comments…


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