Brits in hysterics at prank ‘welcome to Luton’ sign outside Gatwick Airport

A plane passenger has sent Brits into hysterics over a prank sign she spotted out of the window of her flight into Gatwick Airport.

Twitter user Abbey took a snap of the welcome sign inscribed across a field at Gatwick’s landing strip.

But, she noticed something incorrect about the greeting that made social media users chuckle as well as those who had seen it from the aeroplane.

Posting a snap of the notice, which was spelt out in large white letters near a farm, Abbey said: “Flying in to Gatwick, just before landing this is what is out the left window… great prank, deffo at Gatwick.”

In the photo, rolling green hills and houses could be seen, but alongside a road the words: “Welcome to Luton” were emblazoned across the grass.

For those who don’t know, Gatwick Airport is south of London near Crawley while Luton Airport is north of London above Watford.

So, the prank was clearly designed to trick passengers into thinking they're landing at the wrong airport.

Abbey’s post quickly went viral with more than 20k likes and 1.5k retweets.

In the comments many Twitter users were chuckling at the prank sign.

One person wrote: “Oddly, I was once on a plane where three pilot announced ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we have just landed at London Gatwick. Or at least I think we have. Oh, there's the sign. Thank God for that.’

“Must be a Gatwick thing…”

While another joked: “You can tell it's fake… there's no way anyone near Luton would welcome people.”

And, a third replied: “Also, never seen so much greenery around Luton in which to make such a sign.”

Explaining the joke, a poster noted: “I think the joke is that it’s on Gatwick’s flight path and was put there as a joke to make folk think they are on wrong flight.

“I don’t think that the sign is actually in Luton.”

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According to other reports, it’s not the first prank sign to try and befuddle plane passengers.

Last year, a “Welcome to Perth” sign was painted on top of a building near Sydney Airport in Australia.

While, over in the United States a “Welcome to Cleveland” sign was panted across a Milwaukee home in Wisconsin.

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