Cabin crew expose how ‘people get winter holiday packing wrong’

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As Christmas nears, temperatures around Europe have started to drop. The flight attendants at KLM shared their best packing advice with and a warning for how people often get it wrong.

Check the weather

They said: “It sounds simple but you’ll be surprised at how often people get it wrong!

“While in the UK we’re surrounded by rain and wind in winter, it can really vary as you travel across Europe from one of our 17 departure points in the UK.

“So don’t get caught out. A simple Google search can save you exploring the destination of your dreams in shorts when you really need your winter boots!”

Even warmer destinations such as Spain’s Costa del Sol can experience cold winters so it’s always worth Googling.

Wear your heaviest layers

“For winter travel, a thick coat is essential. But like packing a heavy towel in summer, a winter coat will weigh you down and take up most of the room in your case,” said the cabin crew.

They added: “So, travel in style, and warmth, by wearing it to the airport and onto the plane. While your fellow passengers pull the inflight blanket tightly around them, you’ll be wrapped up warm already.”

Wearing a winter coat to the airport is a great way to save on luggage space and stay warm on the plane.

Think through your fabrics

The crew said: “You likely won’t think about the weight of your clothes day-to-day, why would you?

“But when it comes to expert packing, winter materials will catch you out. Did you know lace is much heavier and thicker than cotton or synthetics?

“Merino wool should be your fabric of choice as it’s light so will help keep you both warm and cool.”

Merino wool is stylish and light and the perfect choice for a winter holiday where it’s essential to keep warm.

Fill in your winter sports essentials

The crew added: “For those who love a little exercise during their winter holiday, get yourself a douchebag, a big cool skiing bag on wheels, which will take all your kit with you, including your skis or snowboard!

“You can also put your skiing socks in your skiing boots and your goggles and gloves in your helmet to protect them and save space.

“Even if it’s a last-minute decision, with KLM you can decide how many kilos of hold baggage you’d like to bring so after booking your ticket, you can still buy additional items of checked baggage via My Trip.”

British tourists could also rent ski equipment once they’re at the resort if they don’t have the luggage space.

Pack your lightest pair of shoes

The crew warned: “We all think we need a winter pair of boots when we go away but ask yourself, will you really wear them in Europe?

“Pack thick socks or wear your biggest boots on the plane to save space. If you feel you need another pair of shoes, make sure they’re smaller and lighter than your boots.”

Thick socks will help to keep travellers’ feet warm and save on space in the cabin or hold luggage.

Top winter festive destinations for British tourists include Prague, Budapest, Berlin and Innsbruck.

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