‘Cabin crew ignore you sneaking extra luggage on planes – it’s no big deal’

Airlines have become stricter over luggage over the last few years will smaller bag sizes and fines for anyone who goes over the size limit.

Anyone whose cabin bag doesn’t fit in the sizing bins may have to shell out to have it stored in the hold – and those that have hold luggage could be charged extra if their suitcase is heavier than the weight limit.

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To combat this, many holidaymakers try out cheeky ways to get extra luggage on board flights.

A flight attendant told The Sun that airline workers don’t mind when people do this – and will likely ignore it rather than catch you out.

She explained: “Chances are, we probably even saw those people doing it at the airport, but just didn't care enough to do much about it.

“If every single passenger starts doing it, we'll likely have problems, because even with smaller bags, the weight would add up.

“But we're not at that stage yet and at the moment, it's really not as much of a big deal.”

Popular ways to sneak extra items onto the plane include layering up and wearing multiple tops, jackets or coats onto the flight.

Some holidaymakers also claim that they bring an extra handbag or backpack.

Then when in the airport they buy something and shove the extra bag into the airport carrier bag.

This makes it seem like you purchased something at duty free and you’re totally fine to bring this onto the plane in addition to your regular bag.

Another measure some tourists have taken is to stuff clothing into a pillow case as crew will let you bring a cushion on the flight for comfort.

TikTok user Larissa, @is.me.larry, tried the trick herself.

“We tried the airport pillow hack,” she said while walking through the airport terminal. “And we SUCCEEDED.”

Larissa said she managed to save the equivalent of £67 in baggage fees with the hack after loading it up with 6kg worth of clothes.

The clever hacks are apparently not against the rules.

Plus, the staff probably won’t stop you.

Tamarea Harland posted on TikTok and noted that security officers “know because it literally goes through an X-ray machine, but they don’t care".

And, a worker added: "I work in the airport and I can tell you, we all know.”

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