Cheapest city in Australia for expats named – and it’s a ‘wonderful place’

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According to UISAustralia, Adelaide is the place that offers a more affordable yet high-quality standard of living.

Adelaide is Australia’s food and wine capital.

The vibrant town is the fifth-largest city in the country offering a beautiful coastline, restaurants and bars and an average temperature of 22 degrees.

According to Myfunkytravel, the estimated living costs per person are 2,100 AUD/month (£1,179).

The city also offers many job opportunities for those expats who want to relocate there.

One of the most popular spots to visit in Adelaide is Kangaroo Island.

Jo M said on Tripadvisor: “Amazing. What a wonderful experience. A very long day but well worth it. Be warned it will make you want to come back and spend more time exploring this beautiful place.”

Cairns, in Eastern Australia, is the second cheapest city in the country.

Famous for the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns has a very relaxed and international atmosphere.

The tropical spot experiences monsoon season with torrential rain from November to May and its coolest month is July.

For British expats who love the great outdoors, this is their perfect option with an average monthly cost of 2,125 AUD/month to live there (£1,193).

Located north of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast is another good alternative for Britons who want to relocate to the country.

The Sunshine Coast is the third cheapest city to live in Australia

With the average temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees, the estimated living costs are 2,175 AUD/month (£1,221).

Just an hour away from Melbourne Britons will find Geelong, ranked as one of the most affordable cities in Australia.

Geelong has lots of pretty beaches and beautiful art deco boardwalks.

The charming town has a cooler climate with temperatures below zero during the winter months.

Britons can spend around 2,175 AUD/month (£1,221) on average in Geelong.

Perth is a gorgeous city with sandy beaches and breathtaking coastal views. Despite being quite an isolated spot in Western Australia, British expats will enjoy a very nice climate with temperatures above 20 degrees in winter.

Living costs in Perth are estimated at 2,200 AUD/month (£1,236).

According to Movehub, the seven best places to live in Australia are Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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