Church pestered by ‘tourists who think Dracula is real’ and seek vampire’s grave

A snap of a church door has gone viral on Reddit after staff were forced to put up a sign asking tourists to stop asking to see “Dracula’s grave”.

It seems that travellers have been getting mixed up when visiting the Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby.

Having featured heavily in Bram Stoker’s fictional novel, Dracula, the dramatic beach town is home to the stunning Dracula’s castle and often hosts events themed around the gothic tale.

But, it’s important for visitors to remember that the vampire-themed tale is a work of fiction.

St Hilda’s Anglican Chuch has had to do just that by putting up a warning sign on its doors after bring asked a few too many times about the Count’s grave.

In a post on Reddit, someone uploaded a snap of the note with the caption: “Just your normal church door.”

And, 1,900 people on the CasualUK forum liked the post.

The letter stuck the the church’s door read: “Please do not ask staff where Dracula’s grave is as there isn’t one – thank you.”

In the comments people giggled about the bizarre advice.

One person commented: “But in the book he doesn't even die in Whitby.

“He goes back to Transylvania and they hunt him down there.”

“Tourists aren't known for their thorough research,” wrote another.

A third said: “That’s exactly what someone who’s hiding Dracula’s grave would say.”

“There is no grave,” joked another. “He still stalks the streets at night.”

And a bloke added his funny tale, and commented: “It’s been nearly 40 years since my dad visited Whitby but he still goes on about the American couple in his tour group, that we’re outraged to find out that vampires aren’t real.”

It seems he’s not the only one as other reddit users pitched in with their awkward tales.

“Was there recently and the tourists are convinced about the grave thing,” one said. “Quite worrying! Poor staff got sick of answering them.”

And, it looks like St Hilda’s is not the only church to be affected by unbelieving tourists.

The Daily Mail reported that those searching for the grave at the 12th-century St Mary's Church have been handed leaflets saying: “Sorry it's not here… in fact it's not anywhere because Dracula is fiction.”

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