Clever travel website lets you pick most comfortable plane seats before flying

When getting ready to go on holiday many of us worry about the plane journey.

Whether it’s long or short haul, nobody wants to be sitting in an uncomfortable seat without enough leg room.

Plus, many of us have a preference when it comes to aisle or window seats – and it’s frustrating to book a window seat only to realise there’s a plain wall next to you instead.

Luckily, it turns out that there’s an entire website dedicated to helping travellers spot the best seats for their needs so they can select them before flying.

Over on Reddit, a poster asked about tips for first time flyers and was inundated with cracking advice.

One person said: “Seatguru is a good source for scouting out a good seat.”

The website lets you look up the seating plan of your upcoming flight so that you can locate the seats with the most leg room or with fewer seats in your row.

It can also help you to make sure you sit near to, or far away from, a toilet.

And, on a Reddit post about travelling as a plus sized person, one commenter said: “If you can, avoid bulkhead and exit rows. They often have fixed armrests with no space beneath them, and if you're belly-heavy, you may not be able to use the tray table.

“A number of planes allow the armrest to be lifted on the window seat, which can give you a bit more room.”

And posters recommended using seatguru to locate those seats that would fit the flyer's needs.

Super handy if you ask us!

The website also has a section filled with “guru tips” such as how to stay sitting together on a flight.

Their top recommendations included asking the gate agent to reassign your seats so that you and your companions can sit together.

Flight guru also noted that asking a flight attendant may help you snag seats together as a group or family.

It stated: “They will often help you find single passengers who would be willing to switch.

“Remember, most people are reasonable and understand the need for families to sit together.”

What’s your favourite travel tip? Tell us in the comments…

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