Couple get ‘petty’ revenge on sunbed hoggers who put towels down at 6.30am

A couple were left fuming by greedy tourists who they claim hogged the sunbeds during their holiday to Bali. So they took their revenge on some holidaymakers who left their towels down for nine hours.

Thom and Lisa had jet off from Australia to the gorgeous island of Bali, Indonesia. But, they were gobsmacked when they woke up early to discover someone had already taken all the sun loungers by the pool.

As early as 6.30am, the duo found beach towels laid across the sun loungers at the Grand Barong Resort. Plus, nobody was even using them for hours after they’d been put down.

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Generally, an unattended beach towel on a sunbed means it’s reserved for later. However, if there are then no beds available for other guests it can cause annoyance.

Plenty of people think you shouldn’t leave your sunbed unattended for more than an hour or so, that way everyone can use the loungers when they need to.

Thom and Lisa were more generous than most as they waited a whopping nine hours for the families to return to their towels. Finally, they gave up on waiting and chucked their towels aside to take the seats.

However, the people who had taken the beds then showed up. Thom posted about the situation on Facebook.

Thom said: "We woke up this morning, noticed towels already placed on the afternoon shade sunbeds. We went about our day and eventually arrived at the pool at 1pm to the beds untouched, nobody in sight.

"At 2pm we told pool staff we were moving the towels as nobody had been on them. We then waited until 3:30pm for them to eventually arrive and the realisation that their spots are gone, iPads and books in hand was priceless."

The couple even took a petty revenge on the family when they were leaving. Instead of freeing up the beds they asked other people if they’d like to take them.

Meaning the original guests were still unable to reclaim their preferred sun loungers. Lisa added: "We literally left and asked others to take them just to keep the pettiness going."

Some people who read their story online celebrated their pettiness and revenge. One person wrote: "Am I the only one hoping there’s a day two to this situation?"

Others said they would have done the "same" whilst a third person said it was "proof that not all heroes wear a cape".

The pair aren't the only people to be baffled by sunbed wars this week. TikTok poster Gillian, @makeup_cleanse_repeat, documented the wild activity of the people staying in her hotel.

She said that they’re not even getting up early, but instead put their towels on the sunbeds in the evening – and leave them there for seven days straight. Gillian showed people reserving an entire row of sun loungers in the video as she enjoyed her trip to Spain.

She said: "It's 7 o'clock at night, and these people reserve their sunbeds for the whole week. They don't move them."

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