Cruise ship worker showcases secret rooms on board – including a jail

A woman shared the "creepy" secrets she learned while working on a cruise ship.

Lauren, who works on Carnival Cruises, said guests only see the entertainment side of the vessels.

Many don't spare a thought for the hidden rooms rooms that people don't wish to stay in.

"There’s some crazy stuff about cruise ships that you might not know about as a guest," she said at the beginning of her video on TikTok.

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"It’s kind of creepy — so there’s a morgue on board, there’s a jail on board.

"When we worked on a cruise ship we actually saw a dead body getting wheeled out of the morgue.

"Obviously they had a cover over it but that in itself is so creepy that it made me not want to work on a cruise ship anymore, it's so confronting."

When things get out of control on the ship or a guest has done something wrong, Lauren said the ship also has a jail cell so they can "lock people inside".

Other than the secret rooms, Lauren said she often feels creeped out about ominous signs on the ship.

She explained: "I don't know about other cruise ships but Carnival does not have a Deck 13 because it's a superstitious thing.

"Sorry but that's f***ing weird, like, we're on a cruise ship and you're making me feel like superstition comes into play?"

Viewers reacted to her video and shared their thoughts.

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One said: "Most hospitals don't have an operating theatre number 13 either, it's missed out."

"The floor number 13 thing is very common in businesses because they don't sell as well, same as rooms numbered 13," a second commented.

A third shared: "My stepdad got put into one of the jails on the ship that we went on."


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