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Counter-depth refrigerators with integrated ice makers are some of the finest and most practical of their kind. Counter-depth refrigerator manufacturers tend to follow a few general designs:These refrigerators have the same features as the high-end models, but the low- or low-cost models often omit the additional features that a standard refrigerator offers, and instead provide a more basic version of those features, which are meant to complement the fridges intended purpose. These refrigerators have the features of the high-end model with a lower price point, but still higher-end specs than the high-end model. These refrigerators typically also have a more functional design, more features that would be useful in the kitchen. They are also more expensive than the more basic models. If you like the idea of the low- or low-cost model, but youre concerned about how they will perform in the kitchen, check out this article on the best counter-depth refrigerator for the kitchen. These counter-depth refrigerators will work fine in most kitchens. Most of them also have more features than a basic model, but theyre usually about the right price point. Counter-depth refrigerator models will be about as versatile as a standard fridge, but theyre intended and marketed for the purpose of the kitchen, so the more features and greater functionality that they provide, the more expensive, but worth it, they are. Theyre typically also more expensive than a standard model, but they are generally the most functional, which in this case comes not only with more features, but with the lower price point. Were not entirely sure why, but counter-depth refrigerators tend to be a little more expensive. Perhaps its because theyre the higher-end models, and the more expensive models tend to have more functionality and more features. If youre looking for a low-cost alternative, we suggest looking at the models from companies like Samsung. The Samsung models from KitchenAid, GE, and Stihl all have excellent counter-depth refrigerators. So if youre looking for a counter-depth refrigerator that will serve you well in the kitchen, you cant go wrong with one of these. You better look elsewhereMost counter-depth models are more expensive than a standard model, and many, if not most, also fall into this category. A basic model, however, is usually a good alternative if you only need it to run the computer on low and it lacks the more functionality features and features that are found in more high-end models. Youll look elsewhereWhile some counter-depth models are cheaper than a standard model, they rarely have the features that are found in.

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