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You then look at your watch and you see that its already almost 3pm in London. Hahaha, Id say its been a few hours. You then sit down and put the phone on Standby. You wait a couple of minutes, thinking and then you tap the phone and it connects to the WiFi. You tap Send and you see the text come through. You pull up the website and enter the code. This is followed by a series of messages that you cant understand. Its just taking all the words it sees in your message, and sending them back as the text. You ask, How did they hack my WiFi. Hackers have been crawling on my site for a few days. You begin typing, I told them to stop, but they refused so, they just continued. Suddenly youre hit with a Back button in your Gmail account and the spam begins again. Soon youre hit with another message in your Gmail account. This time your Gmail account is in the middle of the sea.

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