Dads embarrass teens up to 22 times during a typical week-long family holiday

easyJet creates new holiday club – just for ’embarrassing’ dads

Embarrassing dads make an average of 22 faux-pas during a typical week-long family holiday, by telling bad jokes, snoring by the pool – and cringeworthy dancing. A study of 1,000 teenagers found fathers also leave them red-faced by wearing socks with sandals, complaining loudly, causing frisbee accidents, and constantly taking photos.

And 54 percent said their dad embarrasses them on holiday – with other cringeworthy moments including wearing inappropriate clothing for their age, being greedy at the buffet, using selfie sticks, and getting up early to reserve the best sun loungers.

The study was commissioned by easyJet Holidays, which has launched an in-hotel “Dad’s Club”, in the Spanish hotspot of Benalmádena.

Taking place on August 24th and 25th, at Hotel World Polynesia on the Costa del Sol, the club hopes to provide some cringe-free respite for teens – as well as a safe space for gaffe-prone dads to connect with their kind, without being judged.

Omid Djalili, comedian and self-confessed embarrassing parent, who stars in the Dad’s Club promo video, said: “It’s a rite of passage for us Dads to embarrass our kids – it comes with the job.

“So, I’m very proud to have teamed up with easyJet Holidays to unveil a new club JUST for Dads – a safe space to learn how to throw a frisbee, dance without pulling a muscle, and crafting brilliant jokes for the 21st century.”

The study also found 24 percent of teens have even tried getting out of a holiday to avoid these cringe-worthy moments – and 43 percent say they can’t remember a holiday without a humiliating moment caused by their father.

But when polling the dads themselves, 53 percent claimed they think they are “cool” on holiday – with only eight percent of those polled, via OnePoll, considering themselves to be “very embarrassing”.

Although 34 percent admitted to purposely humiliating their kids – as 49 percent believe its their duty to do this while on holiday.

Sarah Ockwell-Smith, a parenting expert who is working with the brand, said: “Holidays are a perfect time to reconnect with teens – but sometimes, all the extra time spent together can cause friction.

“Not to mention the excitement and freedom of holiday-mode causing some pretty cringey (according to the kids) behaviour, which can lead to embarrassment. Disco dancing, air guitar, and socks and sandals? Definite trigger points.”

The research also found foreign beach holidays (51 percent) top the list of vacation types where “dadbarrassment” is most likely to occur – followed by staycations (29 percent) and city breaks (22 percent).

And 44 percent of dads say they would like to attend a “dads’ club”.

Matt Callaghan, customer director at easyJet Holidays, which has released a video showcasing the activities on offer at the “school of cool” – including complimentary dad dancing lessons, frisbee and air guitar tuition, and a joke workshop – said: “Evidently, embarrassment is a part of the holiday package when Dad’s around.

“At Dad’s Club, our customers will get a unique opportunity to hone their cool skills, while making new friends and memories to last a lifetime. But remember, cringe-worthy or not, we love our Dads to bits.”

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