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The debate was an open discussion event about important and vital issues of public and private affairs. You saw the candidates at each others throats, but theres always a little room for negotiation. And thats the reason why Bernie Sanders is a better candidate than Hillary Clinton, because Bernie Sanders will be able to talk to the voters in a different way. And thats the reason why you dont want Hillary Clinton to win her nomination; you want Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic candidate. But we are, and its been used in the past to vote for a president. Just because youre not in the voting booth every 2 years to vote for a president doesnt mean you dont have an opinion about who will be in the Oval Office. So please, if you could just hear Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton out, try to get on board with the Sanders campaign. Here are just a few of the many words of support Sanders, a candidate who has no political experience ever received from people who are already very familiar with him on the issue of social justice. You can read them at your own risk as they include some of the most heinous things that have ever been said. Bernie Sanders is an anti-establishment candidate that represents the youth of this country, and his voice is needed more than ever today. He will not only bring people together, but he will not only bring the government together, he will bring all of us together. He would bring about a fundamental change in our country and the world. He is a candidate that has consistently been one of the most vocal voice for peoples rights in the world. He understands the reality of our current economic and political system and knows that we need to make a radical change in our system and in our way of thinking, not only to make it more fair, but to fundamentally transform this country. This is one of the only candidates that has had the guts to actually stand up to big business. He has been consistently and consistently standing up to the system. He will fight against the corrupt political system and will do so for the good of this country and for the good of this world. Bernie is an honest man and hes been an honest man throughout his entire life. BobbyIn conclusion:Bernie Sanders, in your heart of hearts you know hes the right choice. Hell probably be able to get the Democratic primary over with soon enough and that will give the rest of us a chance to vote for him in the general election. The Republican candidates might get in there first.

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