Drunk woman booted off plane in handcuffs and strapped into wheelchair by cops

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    A "drunk" woman was handcuffed and removed from plane by police after allegedly kicking and biting officers on plane.

    Kamaryn Gibson, 25, was charged with three counts of battery of a police officer, disturbing the peace while drunk, two counts of resisting an officer and criminal mischief on May 29.

    Video taken by flight passenger Johnathan show her rowdy behaviour when police officers at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport booted her off the Southwest Airlines plane.

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    Gibson can be heard protesting and saying: "I paid for the flight".

    One officer told her to stop resisting while taking her to the front of the plane.

    "Can I please have my phone? No, I literally need my phone. Sir can you please get my phone?" she said while stopping at the emergency exit row.

    "What's happening? I am so confused. Can someone explain to me what's happening?" she looked around the passengers and asked.

    A third policeman took out a handcuff and put on her as a man answered her: "Looks like you are getting under arrest, that's what's happening."

    Gibson was then taken off the plane.

    Jonathan explained the chaos happened when the plane was taxiing.

    He said: "The flight attendant asked her to buckle her seatbelt and raised her seat and removed her feet, but she wouldn't do it.

    "She was not drinking on the plane but she was obviously drunk, so she could have been drinking at the airport."

    The flight was scheduled to depart at 7.25pm on May 29 but the cabin crew called the gate and the plane had to turn back.

    "The gate manager asked her to remove her feet, she refused and the police came.

    "They grabbed her belongings and exited the aircraft."

    Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Captain Jason Rivarde said Gibson "refused to exit the plane multiple times."

    When they got her off the plane, he said: "She began fighting with them and continued to fight them on the jet bridge and into the public seating area."

    Officers had to restrain her onto a wheelchair and moved her to the airport police station.

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