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You finally get to the hotel you chose. S an old, plain, plain white building. S still a three-letter code and as you approach you see that the three letters are red and a little more like graffiti. You pass by the front doors and you see a desk clerk in uniform there. The uniform is in many ways a plain navy blue with the word security embossed in white letters across the chest and a big black circle with a red slash through it. A black stripe runs from the armhole, around the shoulder, down and down the pants legs and a small gold patch stands out at the knee. The uniform is worn so that the pocket is big enough to hold a gun with ammunition pouch and the gun has a large black triangle on the side of it and the name Security Embossed across the front and the back of the gun. Ll probably think twice about shooting someone. You remark and go back to looking through the hotel magazine in the hotel room.

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