‘Ended up saving a lot more room’ Army veteran shares packing method better than rolling

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Luggage restrictions vary depending on the airline you are flying with, but in many cases, the cheapest options are those which do not include checked luggage. However, this saving often comes with a number of restrictions, such as size and weight rules.

A method dubbed “the rolling method” is a well-known space-saver when it comes to cramming more clothes into your bag.

However, according to an army veteran, there is an even better way to get more into your luggage.

Sharing to a dedicated forum on Reddit, the veteran said: “In the army, we were taught to roll all of our clothes.

“However, I’ve always been a fan of putting a set of clothes in a ziploc bag and squeezing all the air out.

“Ended up saving me a lot more room after repacking my clothes from basic cadet training when they were just rolled.

“Furthermore, not only does it take less space and just as convenient for setting up a day’s wardrobe, but also being packaged in a ziploc, the clothes are protected from water and the like.”

Ziploc bags aren’t only handy for saving space, but can also double up as laundry bags for used clothes.

A user named Graduality said: “Then you have bags to put stinky, dirty clothes in.”

A second user added: “One for extra shoes, and one for your wet bathing suit if you go swimming.”

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The ziploc packing method is also one which has been previously recommended by flight attendants.

When posting to a Reddit forum under the name Tommygunz007, the flight attendant revealed that ziploc bags actually play a crucial role in protecting your belongings from bedbugs while travelling.

Bedbugs are often attracted to the smell of dirty laundry, so keeping it separate from the rest of your clothes can help to lessen the risk.

The flight attendant explained: “I went and got those giant Ziploc bags.

“They are great for putting in smelly dirty clothes in, as well as clean clothes so all your stuff is separate.

“I still spray the outside of my bag for dust mites and bedbugs, but at least I know the stuff inside is clean and doesn’t smell because it’s in those giant Ziploc bags.”

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